Product Code : 430028


Product Code : 430028

Product Price : £52.46

Product Name : CK Tools 430028 Crimping Plier Ratchet for 2 Modular Plugs (RJ45, RJ12, RJ11) with Autostop

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Product Description

This is the CK Tools 430028 modular plugs 2 ratchet crimping plier, 230mm, with autostop system which releases when the correct pressure is applied to ensure precise crimping.

  • Auto-stop ratchet system: releases when correct pressure is applied to ensure precise crimping
  • Precision engineered dies for quality crimps and safe connections
  • Dies manufactured from fully hardened carbon alloy steel for strength & durability
  • Suitable for plugs type 8P8C (RJ-45) 6P6C (RJ-12) and 6P4C (RJ-11)
  • Heavy duty construction, tested up to 40,000 cycles, guaranteed for 30,000 crimps per tool
  • Ratchet crimping pliers for modular plugs 
  • Full cycle ratchet mechanism for safe, repeatable results and comfortable ergonomic handles.
  • Dimensions: 75mm width, 20mm depth, 190mm height
  • Ergonomic design for increased comfort & control
  • Designed for the safe & secure attachment of modular plugs without die changes
  • Built in wire stripper/cutter mechanism for convenience