Product Code : 643150

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Product Code : 643150

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Product Name : Pegler Bulldog 15mm Angled Thermostatic Radiator Valve & Lockshield - SINGLE

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Product Description

Bulldog 643150 Chrome/white 2 Thermostatic Radiator Valve & Lockshield Valve Pack 15mm with Reverse flow

Product details

Pegler Yorkshire have been manufacturing valves for over 100 years and are well known worldwide for their heating and plumbing products. They are committed to providing safe hot water and cost-effective solutions.

Ideal for both domestic and commercial radiator installations and repairs, the Bulldog 2 TRV and lock shield valve pack is long-lasting and comes with all necessary fittings. This high-quality thermostatic radiator valve pack is quick and easy to install and allows you to control the temperature of your home or office with ease.

  • Chrome body finish
  • Reverse flow
  • Approved to EN215
  • Control Range 11°C - 29°C
  • Frost setting - avoids frozen radiators (providing the heating is on)
  • Range and temperature locking capability
  • Wax thermal element


  • Size:15mm
  • Valve Type: Thermostatic Valve
  • Box Contents: Bulldog GEN2 TRV 1/2" x 15mm Valve & Lock shield
  • Orientation: Vertical and horizontal mounting
  • Manufacturer Part No: 643150