Product Code : 78759000

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Product Code : 78759000

Product Price : £238

Product Name : HIB OUTLINE 80 MIRROR H60 X W80CM

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HIB OUTLINE 80 MIRROR H60 X W80CM-78759000


HiB, "Making Bathrooms Beautiful", offering a wide range of mirrored cabinets, lighting, mirrors and ventilation. They aim for you to be delighted and excited every day when you go into your bathroom.

Outline, this mirror is created to be the centre piece of the bathroom with a subtle backlight effect and a border detail on the front panel.


Outline 80 LED mirror


Type: Wall Mirror

Depth: 30mm

Width: 500mm

Height: 600mm

Weight: 9.5kg

Landscape or Portrait: Landscape

Heated pad: Yes

Illumination type: LED 6400k

Lumens: 2145

Energy rating: A