Product Code : BCT1615


Product Code : BCT1615

Product Price : £4.17

Product Name : Buteline 15mm Stem for Compression Transition x 16mm

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Product Description

Buteline 15mm Stem for Compression Transition x 16mm 

Size 16mm
Transition Stem 15mm
Transition Stem (all)

Buteline fittings are integrally strong and durable, moulded from thermoplastic and pre-fitted with annealed aluminium sleeves.


These maintenance-free plumbing fittings fittings, once jointed with Buteline Polybutene-1 pipe, form a unique and technically superior joint. Users will find the total concept much quicker and more economical than other available systems.


Buteline also have several innovative polymer alternatives to traditional brass fittings available, unique fittings that serve the same purpose (with some improvements in the case of the Bute-1) but allow for peace of mind and a potential cost-saving of up to 45%!


Designed using hydraulic engineering concepts proven on high pressure hydraulic fitting-to-hose connections, Buteline fittings have an outstanding feature which enable them to overcome high stresses experienced in installation and while in service. The aluminium rings transfer all loads applied on the tail section to the strongest section of the fittings, thereby eliminating the risk of failure.


Buteline fittings are available in 4 sizes -- 10mm, 16mm, 22mm and 28mm.


Fittings are technically superior, giving superb performance and durability over the long term with over 50 years of service life.