Product Code : BPC28


Product Code : BPC28

Product Price : £145.6

Product Name : Buteline PB-1 Barrier Pipe - 28mm x 25m Coil

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Product Description

Buteline Barrier Pipes are suitable for use with hot and cold potable water and central heating, for both domestic and commercial applications.

Buteline Barrier Pipes meet the requirements of BS7291, parts 1 and 2, are approved by WRAS and are manufactured under a Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001.

Buteline Barrier Pipes offer many advantages:

  • Flexible and tough
  • Lightweight and easier to install than other systems
  • Corrosion resistant, no scale build-up
  • Virtually no water hammer
  • The best choice for plumbing in climates where freezing conditions are possible
  • 25 year Guarantee