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Bisque was founded in 1979 by Geoffrey Ward and John Gordon. Originally they were a plumbers and bathroom installation company but having stumbled across a towel radiator on his travels on the continent, Geoffrey was struck with idea of pioneering attractive radiators in the UK.

It was by no means an easy task but with the assistance of artist and designer Paul Draper, they revolutionised the way radiators were seen and sold – no longer as technical plumbing items but rather as desirable interiors products.

Today their legacy continues and Bisque remains driven by enthusiastic people who understand how much attractive radiators can transform interiors. Our mission – to pioneer beautiful but practical radiators in the most enticing styles, colours and finishes.

From timeless classics to the latest in energy efficient designs, our radiators can be found in wide variety of locations from The Shard to Highgrove House and everything in between (including our own homes).

We keep over 300 product lines in our distribution centre for prompt delivery and we are always on the hunt for the latest innovations, be it finish, style, material or technology. Over the years we’ve worked with both established designers and up and coming new talent but no matter what the product, considered design and quality are paramount – we’re a stickler for the details.

For three consecutive years we have been voted one of the nation’s CoolBrands. Along with brands such as Aston Martin, Alexander McQueen, Liberty and Apple, we were independently selected based on the criteria of style, desirability, authenticity, uniqueness, originality and innovation.

In 2007 Bisque became part of the Zehnder Group. Renowned for producting industry leading indoor comfort solutions Zehnder was established in 1895 starting life as a motorcycle manufacturer, before inventing the first tubular radiator in 1930. The rest as they say was history and this became the start of a long and successful journey into the design and manufacture of decorative radiators and ventilation systems.